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My experiment took about an hour. During that hour I made ten rounds of the square, until I was bloated with water and heavily burdened with boxes of matches and newspapers. I got to know all the salesmen and saleswomen and reached a number of interesting conclusions. The coin came back if it was used to pay. If you simply threw it away, dropped it or lost it, then it would stay where it was. The coin returned to the pocket at the moment when the change passed from the seller’s hands into the hands of the buyer. If at that moment I held my hand in one pocket, the coin appeared in the other. It never appeared in a pocket that was closed with a zip.



Mrinal SenIn Search of Famine, India, 1980. 

Andreas Siekmann og Alice CreischerIn the Stomach of the Predator, 2012–2013.

Yuri Leiderman og Andrey SilvestrovBirmingham Ornament(Fragments 141–145), 2013.