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‘What is the most important thing of all?’ said Vybegallo, readily complying. ‘The most important thing is for man to happy. (. . .) Man, comrades, is Homo sapiens, the creature who can achieve and who desires. He can achieve everything that he desires, and he desires everything that he can achieve. N’est-ce pas, comrades? If he, that is man, can achieve everything that he desires and desires everything that he can achieve, then he is happy. This is how we shall define him. What is this that we have here before us, comrades? We have here a model. But this model, comrades, desires, and that is already good. Exquis, excellent, charmant, so to speak. And again, comrades, you can see for yourselves that it can achieve. And that is even better, because. . . because in that case it. . . he, that is, is happy. There is a metaphysical transition from unhappiness to happiness and this comes as no surprise to us, because people are not born happy, they. . . er. . . become happy. Thanks to proper care and attention being paid.




Chto DelatA Border Musical, 2013. 

Keti Chukhrov, Love Machines, 2013. 

Francis HungerDeep Love Algorithm, 2013.