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Aleksandr Rodchenko (1891–1956) was an artist, photographer, designer, and a key member of the Russian avant-garde.

A pioneer of Soviet Constructivism along with Alexei Gan, Lubov Popova, Varvara Stepanova, and Vladimir Tatlin, he fought for the new art: politically committed, collectively produced, and aimed at the masses. In 1921, he officially abandoned painting, and after 1925, photography became his main medium, which he pursued in parallel to graphic and industrial design. Rodchenko created a signature style in photography, featuring sharp angles that defamiliarized the subject. Having cofounded the photography section of the October Group in 1930, he actively worked for periodicals such as USSR in Construction. Rodchenko produced reportage photography of Soviet industrial and natural sites, never becoming a journalist, but seeing those photographs as works of art. In the last decade of his life he returned to painting. Rodchenko primarily lived and worked in Moscow.