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Roee Rosen is an Israeli-American artist, filmmaker, and writer.

He teaches at Hamidrasha School of Art in Kefar Saba, and at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. His work often addresses issues of the body, sexuality, and the state. Rosen’s most recent film, Tse (2010), juxtaposed a bondage-domination sadomasochist ritual with political exorcism. The work won many awards, among them the Orizzonti Prize at the 67th Venice Film Festival, Venice, 2010. Recent exhibitions include: Maxim Komar-Myshkin’s Vladimir’s Night, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2013; Vile, Evil Veil, Institute of International Visual Arts, London, 2012; The Dynamic Dead Roee Rosen, Zamek Center of Contemporary Art, Warsaw, and Riccardo Crespi Gallery, Milan, 2011; and Justine Frank, A Retrospective, Extra City, Antwerp, 2009. His books include: Justine Frank: Sweet Sweat (2009); The Confessions of Roee Rosen (2008); and Ziona TM (2006). Rosen lives and works in Bnai Zion.