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Wong Men Hoi is a film director, screenwriter, and artist.

His cinematic works span across feature films, documentaries, and animation. Wong is the recipient of several awards including: Silver Remi Award, 46th WorldFest International Independent Film Festival, Houston, 2013; Best International Documentary, 5th Video Festival, Imperia, 2010; and Best Experimental Film, Falstaff International Film Festival, Stratford-upon- Avon, 2009. He has recently participated in: 29th Asian Pacific Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2013; 22nd International Short Film Festival, Dresden, 2010; 5th Independent Film Festival, Beijing, 2010; Xiamen Strait Film Festival, Xiamen, 2010; and 7th Zinegoak International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Bilbao, 2010. Wong lives and works in various cities in China.