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Rasmus Meyers allé 5
5015 Bergen

The 4 exhibiton rooms at Bergen Kunsthall closed 2 October 2013. Room No 5 with the exhibit of Mariusz Tarkawian is on view until 27 October.


I said: ‘May I call in to see you tomorrow morning?’ He shook his head, and I thought I detected a slight note of mockery in his answer.‘No, that’s quite impossible. Tomorrow morning, Alexander Ivanovich, you will be summoned to the Kitezhgrad Plant, and I shall have to grant you a secondment.’

I felt stupid. There was something humiliating about this determinism that condemned me, an independent human being with freedom of will, to absolutely determined actions that no longer depended on me. (. . .) The point was that now I couldn’t die or fall ill or even turn stroppy and threaten to resign. I was foredoomed and for the first time I understood the terrible meaning of that word. I had always known that it was bad to be foredoomed to be executed, for instance, or to go blind. But now it turned out that even to be foredoomed to the love of the most wonderful girl in all the world, or an absolutely fascinating voyage round the world or a trip to Kitezhgrad (which I’d been wanting to visit for the last three months), could be extremely unpleasant too. I suddenly saw knowledge of the future in an entirely new light.



1 Soviet Photography

Anatoly BoldinFreshman. Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 1962. 

Yakov Khalip, Mayan Language Unraveled. Punch Cards, 1962. 

Nicolay KhorunzhiyEyes of the Twentieth Century, 1960s. 

Nicolay KhorunzhiySeismologists, 1957. 

Anatoly KhrupovPhysics and Lyrics, 1960. 

Anatoly Khrupov, Vilnius. State University. In the Physics Lab, 1960-tallet. 

Vladimir LagrangeIn the Early Days of Computer Technology, 1979. 

Vladimir LagrangeTemplate, Eraser, Pencil. New Model of the Volga. Gorky Car Plant. Design Bureau, 1969. 

Vladimir LagrangeWorld of Formulas. Moscow State University. Graduate Students, 1966. 


All works courtesy of The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow.

Kiluanji Kia HendaIcarus 13, 2008. 

Gnezdo Group, An Attempt of Seeing Oneself in the Past and Future, fra serien “Non-Functional Art,” 1977. 

Ritwik GhatakReason, Debate and a Story, India, 1974. 

5 a Uriel OrlowUnmade Film: The Closing Credits, 2013. 

b Uriel Orlow, Unmade Film: The Reconnaissance, 2012–2013. 

6 Minze Tummescheit og Arne copainsFictions and Futures— Happiness in the Abstract, 2013. 

Konstanze SchmittMilda, 2013. 

Ivan Melnychuk og Oleksandr Burlaka—Grupa PredmetivIsland, 2013. 

9 Socialist Sci-Fi

a Aelita, USSR, 1924. 

The Andromeda Nebula, USSR, 1967. 

Cosmic Journey, USSR, 1935. 

Eolomea, GDR, 1972. 

Planet of Storms, USSR, 1962. 

The Silent Star, GDR/Polen, 1959. 

10 Ilya KabakovPainting #349, Charles Rosenthal: They Are Discussing the New Plan (1930), 1998

11 a Pelin Tan og Anton Vidokle2084–episode I, 2011. 

b Pelin Tan og Anton Vidokle, 2084–episode III, 2013. 

12 Mariusz TarkawianThe Artworks of the Future, 2013.