An Initiative for Art and Research


This mediation program caters to youth and young adults, and during this first edition of Bergen Assembly, we will divide the activities between a poetry workshop and a film workshop.


If you join the youth mediation program, you will get to explore the art projects that are presented in the exhibition together with an art mediator and a poet or a filmmaker. During these sessions we will explore questions such as: In which ways do artists use film or text in their work? How do they communicate the issues at hand? And what kinds of research have the artists done? Through their own “artistic research” in poetry or film, participants will explore issues that trigger their imagination, while learning and practicing writing or filmmaking skills.


Young people from the age of 13 are welcome to participate in one or both of the programs, which take place on weekends and weeknight evenings. There will also be daytime poetry and film workshops during autumn vacation in the second week of October. It is yet to be determined whether he autumn vacation film workshop will be conducted in English; the other parts of the program will be in Norwegian only.

Practical Information

Schedules and more information (in Norwegian) can be found on our youth and school mediation blog: During Bergen Assembly 2013, the blog will be filled with film, images, and text, as participants share their work.
So make sure to follow!