An Initiative for Art and Research



Students and teachers who join our school mediation program will get to explore the exhibition together with one of our art mediators and consider questions including: What do the artists communicate, and in which ways do they offer new perspectives on the issues they deal with? Depending on which part of the exhibition you visit, you will take a close look at how the artists treat myriad different topics that are covered by your curricula including: citizenship, cultural identity, ecology, economy, history, surveillance, and the interaction between text and images. Your exploration will require active participation in the form of short exploratory writing exercises and assembly discussion.

All 8th graders in Bergen and all high school students in Hordaland County have received invitations to visit Bergen Assembly 2013. Other schools and grade levels are welcome to set up an appointment to participate in the school mediation program by emailing a request indicating the preferred topic, date, time, and number of participants to [email protected].

We kindly encourage school groups that plan to visit the exhibition on their own to check for available dates and times at [email protected].

Teachers who have arranged appointments to bring their class to the Assembly will receive a teacher’s guide a couple of weeks ahead of their visit.

Photo: Ann Ødegård, BA