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Østre Skostredet 3
5017 Bergen

Please note: The exhibition in Østre closes 16 October 2013.


I was nearing my destination. On both sides the green forest pressed right up against the road, giving way now and then to clearings overgrown with yellow sedge. The sun had been trying in vain to set for hours and still hung low over the horizon. As the car trundled along the crunching gravel surface of the narrow road, I steered the wheels over the large stones, and every time the empty petrol cans in the boot clanged and clattered.

Two figures emerged from the forest on the right, stepped out on to the edge of the road and halted, looking in my direction. One of them raised his hand. I eased off on the accelerator as I examined them. They looked to me like hunters, young men, perhaps a little older than me. I liked the look of their faces and I stopped. The one who had raised his hand stuck his swarthy, hook-nosed face into the car and asked with a smile: ‘Could you give us a lift to Solovets?’




Aleksandr Rodchenko, research material for Construction of the Belomor-Baltic Canal, 1933. 

Wong Men Hoi, The East Is Red, 2013. 

Imogen Stidworthy, A Crack in the Light, 2013.