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5014 Bergen

But someone, I didn’t catch the name, someone old and famous, had proved it was possible to displace material bodies into ideal worlds, that is, into worlds created by the human imagination. It seemed that apart from our usual world with its Riemannian metrics, principle of indeterminacy, physical vacuum and boozy Khoma Brut, there were other worlds that possessed a very distinctly defined reality. These were the worlds that had been produced by the creative imagination throughout the course of human history. For instance, there was the world of mankind’s cosmological ideas; the world created by painters; even a semi-abstract, imperceptibly structured world created by generations of composers.




Lars Cuzner og FadlabiForensics of Attraction, 2013.

2 a IRWIN og NSKSTATE.COMWords from Africa, 2007.

b IRWIN, NSK Passport Holders,

3 Jumana Manna og Sille StorihleThe Goodness Regime, 2013. 

Eduardo Molinari—Archivo Caminante (i samarbeid med Azul Blaseotto, Ana Broccoli, Ala Pl.stica, og Hern.n Cardinale),B.O.G.S.A.T. / The Responsibility, 2013. 

Pavel PeppersteinUntitled, from the series “Altars”, 2012. 

Maxim SpivakovMarks, 2013. 

Pyotr Subbotin-PermyakScheme for the Organization of the Art Studios, early 1920s. Enlarged digital reproduction on cloth of an ink-on-paper drawing, 2013.

Urban Fauna LaboratoryValley of Beggars, 2013.