An Initiative for Art and Research
February 17 2011 Bergen City Council ratified the charter and approved funding of the Bergen Triennial Ltd.

The basis for a Bergen-based triennial was thereby created, and it was followed up by allocation of annual funding to the extent of 4 million NOK, beginning in the year 2011. 

The new Triennial will be grounded on the results and conclusions derived from the Bergen Biennial Conference ( – subtitled to biennial or not to biennial – one of the most extensive conferences ever held on the topic of biennials.  The conference was arranged in September 2009. A key feature of the Bergen Triennial will be topics of discourse and knowledge production. 

An interim board of trustees has been selected with the specific mandate to secure funds and establish an efficient organization for the triennial. Marieke Van Hal, founder and executive of the Biennial Foundation and also one of the curators of the Bergen Biennial Conference, is a key representative in the newly established board of trustees with regards to formulating a model, format and identity of the Bergen Triennial. Other board members are Evelyn Holm (chief executive), Petter Snare and Morten Kvamme.

The first edition of Bergen Triennial will be presented during the autumn of 2013.