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Gnezdo Group was artists’ collective whose members included Gennady Donskoi (born 1956), Mikhail Roshal (1956–2007), and Victor Skersis (born 1956).

Active from 1974 to 1979, the Gnezdo Group operated within underground Moscow conceptual art circles; its artists produced mostly performances, and they were one of the first to work in public space. The name of the group—which means “nest” in Russian—was adopted after their performance in a group show of “independent art,” which took place in 1975 the pavilion of the pompous Agricultural Exhibition in Moscow, the only place where such an exhibition could have been allowed. In this performance, artists sat in a giant nest pretending to hatch eggs as an ironic comment on the socialist economy and art production. The members of the Gnezdo Group live(d) and work(ed) in Moscow.