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Benedict Seymour is a writer and occasional film- and music-maker.

He is a Lecturer in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, London, and is currently completing a PhD on film, fictitious capital, and social non-reproduction. Seymour has also written on and made films about urban regeneration, gentrification, and culture. He has cowritten artist’s films such as Matthew Noel-Tod’s Bang! (2012), and contributed soundtracks to Melanie Gilligan’s Popular Unrest (2010); Crisis in the Credit System (2008); and Maija Timonen’s Aune, or On Effective Demise (2013). His current project is an essay film about an illiterate property developer and a dyslexic artist, with the working title The Price of Everything. He is also a contributing editor of Mute magazine. Seymour lives and works in London.